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Rancho Cucamonga CA Dentist on Ending Aches Right

A toothache can be caused by a variety of sources and problems. And in an age where a simple internet search can offer us solutions to almost anything, why wouldn’t we head there for medical advice as well? Today your Rancho Cucamonga CA dentists at Family Specialty Dentistry will be examining a dental “rumor,” of sorts, both found on the internet and spread by mouth for ages, that focuses on at-home toothache relief using a very common pain reliever. But could the way it is suggested to be used in this application actually more harmful than good?

The pain reliever we are referring to here is aspirin. You take it for when you have a headache, some minor body pain here and there…swallow two capsules and it just works. The key here is swallowing those capsules.

The rumor we have seen mentioned and whispered involves taking an aspirin and crushing it on or placing it next to a tooth that is in pain. Several utilizers of this method swear by it, but your Rancho Cucamonga CA dentist could not advise against it more.

Aspirin is acidic by its very nature. That is one of the reasons that it has a safety coating on it. By swallowing it, the coating dissolves naturally over time and will not release fully until in the digestive tract. When it gets to this point, the acidic content can do less harm to softer tissues of the body and can release into the bloodstream more efficiently.

If you keep the aspirin in your mouth too long it will burn your soft gum tissue and/or tongue. You will end up with not only a chemical burn but also still have the same toothache you did before. It is, for this reason, we advise against this idea altogether.

While an aspirin may help temporarily relieve some pain in your teeth, the ultimate way to diagnose and treat the underlying issue is by making an appointment with your Rancho Cucamonga CA dentists at Family Specialty Dentistry.

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